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Jalakandeswarar Temple:
VelloreJalakandeswarar Temple - Situated inside the Vellore Fort, this temple boasts of a majestic Gopuram (tower). Here Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of "Jalakandeswarar". The temple is located at sub-ground levels than the temple moat, hence the name Jalakandeswarar. The temple was in closed state for a very long period. The main Deity of the sanctum sanctorium was taken away to a distant location to save Him from being dishonoured by an appraisal. It was brought back to place in 1980 when there was a severe water scarcity. The then Collector was the key man in getting the deity back to location
Ratnagiri Temple:
Ratnagiri Murugan Temple is devoted to Lord Balamurugan and is located at Rathnagiri, Walaja Taluk about 10 km from Vellore. Balamurugan Adimaigal was the person responsible for developing this hilltop temple from the year 1968. Under his guidance, a well equipped hospital and a very good school was founded. All people belong to Kilminal were also responsible for the development of this temple complex.
Under the auspicious of Balamurugan Adimaigal, an emergency medical service unit is available near the Ratnagiri hospital on the Chennai - Bangalore highway. The temple is very well maintained and known for its popularity among CMC visitors and the general public of Tamil Nadu. A 4 hair-pin bend road leads to the temple. A small entry fees for vehicles is charged as the ghat road was recently laid. Another option would be to take nearly 150 odd steps to reach the temple.
SriLakshmi Temple in Sripuram, popularly known as Golden Temple is a newly built Spiritual Park / Temple in Thirumalaikodi, Vellore. The whole exterior of the temple is laid with gold sheets and plates. The construction of this temple is reported to have cost Rs.300 crores (Rs.3 billion). The temple is surrounded by a vast lush green landscaped area. The temple can only be accessed by going through a star shaped walkway.
Vallimalai temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, which is located on top of the hill which is a part of the Eastern Ghats, about 30 km from Vellore. The temple is known for its majestic views

Balamathi, a serene and small beautiful village located on top of the hills of Eastern Ghats is a 30 minute drive from Vellore. It is famous for its Balamurugan Temple which is connected to the city by a well laid road with many hair pin bends. Balamathi enjoys pleasant breeze and a substantially low temperature which makes an ideal break away from city's naturally hot weather.

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