Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Workshop on Image Processing with IDL

Workshop on Image Processing with IDL

18 – 20 November 2009

Organized by

TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics


Dr. K. Ganesan, Director (TIFAC-CORE) & Senior Professor (SITE)

Mr. S. Ganesh Babu, Senior Development Engineer (TIFAC-CORE)


State of the art advanced engineering centre for research, consultancy and manpower

training in Automotive Infotronics is established at VIT University, promoted by

TIFAC (Technology Information Forecast and Assessment Council), under the

Mission REACH program.

Offers a full time PG program in Automotive Electronics to provide industry readyengineers.

Educational objective

The purpose of the proposed workshop is to provide opportunities for people working

in various engineering backgrounds to gain knowledge and experience in IDL

Programming and various domains in Image processing like remote sensing, medical

IR and MRI imaging etc. IDL is an object oriented programming having many futures

like handing of huge images (satellite images), vector processing and also having the

property of object oriented programming.

Topics Covered

Introduction to IDL programming.

IDL Procedures and Functions.

Working with Plots and Graphs.

Image Geometry.

Color image representation in IDL.

Morphology and binary image processing.

Image Enhancement in Spatial domain.

Working with Region of Interest (ROI).

Segmentation & Object Recognition

Removing Noises

Frequency and Wavelet Transformation

Target Participants:

Research and Development Engineers

Faculty / Students Resource Persons

Dr. K. Ganesan, Director (TIFAC-CORE) & Sr. Professor (SITE), VIT

Dr. Rao Tatavarti, Director (Academic Research), VIT

Dr. Jothi Mani, Professor, VIT

More Info Log to http://vit.ac.in/tifaccore/workshoponIDLProgramming.pdf

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